VIRTUES OF SALAAT: developed by:–

Messenger (PBUH) perform
ablution the way I have just
done it and said:
"He who performs ablution
properly in this manner and
proceeds towards the
mosque (to offer prayers),
all his previous (minor) sins
will be forgiven and his
walking to the mosque and
his Salaat (prayer) will earn
extra merit." (Muslim).
Narrated 'Uthman bin 'Affan
(RA): I hear Allah's
Messenger (PBUH) saying:
"When the time for a
prescribed As-salaat (the
prayers) approaches and a
Muslim observes its ablution
and acts of bowing and
prostrating properly, this
Salaat will be an expiation
for his past sins, so long as
he does not commit major
sins, and this is for always."
Narrated Abu Hurairah (RA)
Allah's Messenger (PBUH)
"He who proceeds towards
the mosque in the morning or
in the evening, Allah will
prepare for him an
entertainment in Paradise as
often as he goes to the
mosque in the morning or in
the evening." (Bukhari and
Narrated Abu Musa (RA)
Allah's Messenger (PBUH)
"The person who will receive
the highest reward for As
Salaat (the prayer) is the
one who comes to offer it in
the mosque from the farthest
distance. And he who waits
for As-Salaat to perform it
with the Imam (in
congregation) will have a
greater reward than the one
who observes it alone and
then goes to sleep." (Bukhari
and Muslim)
Narrated Abu Hurairah (RA)
Allah's Messenger (PBUH)
"The angels invoke
blessings on everyone
among you so long as he
remains seated in the place
where he has offered As-
Salaat (the prayer) in a state
of ablution (i.e., without
breaking of wudhu). They
(the angels) say: '0 mercy on
him." (Bukhari).
Narrated Ibn 'Umar (RA)
Allah's Messenger (PBUH)
"As-Salaat (the prayer) in
congregation is twenty-
seven times more (in reward)
than a Salaat (prayer)
offered individually."
(Bukhari and Muslim).
This article was culled from
the publications of Deen
Communication Limited


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