Khalil (The Greatest Friend), But Islamic Brootherhood is Far Better: Developed by:–

The qualities of
our companions
are what help
us to shape a
beneficial path
ahead or if we
do not choose
those we call
friend carefully
we may find
traveling a
disastrous road
with the only
end being off a
cliff. Show
choose wisely
those who
encourage ad
enjoin good and
forbid evil.
Chapter 5:
The saying of
the Prophet
(saws) “If!
were to take
a KhaliI…”
Narrated Ayyub
; The Prophet
(saws), said,
“If I were to
take a Khalil, I
would have
taken him (i.e.,
Abu Bakr (raa))
as a Khalil
friend), but the
brotherhood is
The Translation of
the Meanings of
Sahih Al-Bukhari
by Dr. Muhammad
Muhsin Khan
Hadith 3657,
Volume 5, Book 62
The Virtues and
the Merits of the
Companions of the


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