Download Complete Quran Recitations By Ahmad Sulaiman Ibrahim

The quran recitation recited by Ahmad Sulaiman in mp3 format could be downloaded
from this link


Published by Abubakar Nuhu Yahya Koso

NAME: Abubakar Nuhu Yahya Koso. DATE OF BIRTH: 09-07-1997. SCHOOL: Madarasatul Shababul Islam Koso, Gss Doguwa. IDENTITY: Islam. PURPOSE: Peace. MY LORD: ALLAH. MY ROLE MODEL: Rasulullah. MY GUIDE : Al-Qur'an. MY LIGHT: Hadith. REAL SUBJECT: Tauheed. MY PRACTICE: Sunnah. MY AIM: Jannatul Firdaus. MY MISSION: Da'awatu ilallah MY WEAPON: Du'a. MY LAW: Shari'ah. TOWN & VILLAGE: Koso, Kaduna, Nigeria. NATIONALITY: Nigeria. CONTACT ADRESS: Koso, Kaduna, Nigeria. CONTACT NUMBER: 08025298937, 08023140157. EMAIL ADDRESS:, NICKNAME: IbnNuhAssunnee. ALKUNYA: Abu Abdullah. AQEEDAH: Alkitab was sunnah, Ahlus-sunnah wal jama'ah min Fahmi salafus salih. MY RELIGION ORGANISATIONS: Jama'atu-Izalatil-Bid'ah Wa-Ikamatis-Sunnah MY HOBBIES: Reading & Writing MY FAVOURITE SCHOLARS: 01, Sheikh Muhammad Kabir Haruna Gombe Hafizahullah 02, Shiekh Imam Abdullahi Bala Lau Hafizahullah 03, Sheikh Dr.Isah Aliyu Ibrahim Pantami Hafizahullah.

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